For a long time, the wood burning stove had been almost the exclusive province of the country dweller.

This because the towns had gas readily available and as a cheap, controllable fuel it had no equal.

Towns also labored under the handicap of the Clean Air Acts. Inaugurated to ensure that the air quality in our cities meant we could actually breathe in the mornings .

Today gas is becoming expensive and we begin to realize that this bounty is not limitless or replaceable. Now wood burning stoves are making inroads to the city with a new breed of stoves for smoke control areas that will protect us from killer pollution.

Please accept this responsibility. If you want to burn wood in a city, please take a few simple steps to ensure that the future air quality is maintained. (I get so annoyed when people think its some sort of conspiracy to extract money from them, or that the smoke isn’t their problem once it leaves their chimney. The same people wouldn’t get on a bus if someone was smoking a cigarette…..)

DEFRA have made a list of approved stoves.

Some of them are listed here